This and several upcoming blog posts are about my recent month long visit to California and experiences in Yosemite National Park, where I served as a park volunteer.

iPhone pictures 215This being my last day off before returning to my volunteer stations, I wanted to get in a decent hike. Several years ago, I had tried this hike but found my navigational skills were not up to the challenge. I inferred from several conversations that a fellow volunteer, Cyndi, knew the trail.

We arrived at the trailhead (across Tioga Road from Murphy Creek parking and picnic tables) around 9:30 a.m. It turns out Cyndi had not hiked the trail previously so the question was whether two heads are better than one.

Two Park Rangers were at the trailhead. They had been hiking the area the past several days to make sure campers had their Wilderness permits and otherwise were complying with Park regulations. We asked whether the lakes were “buggy.” “Very much so,” responded one ranger. “The lakes are surrounded by vegetation. That, combined with the water, makes for an ideal mosquito habitat.”

Despite the warning, we proceeded with our 5-6 mile hike. Much of the trail was obvious, but midway through we saw no evidence of cairns (stacks of rocks used as trail markers). After fumbling around for a half hour or so, we finally found a few cairns and soon thereafter stopped at several beautiful but buggy lakes. After taking a dozen photos or so, we headed back to Tioga Road. We had better luck on the return trip, carefully watching for cairns until we reached the well-established first half of the trail.

Tenaya Lake early morning

Tenaya Lake early morning

Not satisfied with the exercise provided by the hike, Cyndi decided to swim across and back Tenaya Lake (from the Murphy Creek picnic area), a total distance of one mile. I was content to finish my lunch. Afterwards I spoke with several Canadian visitors who were traveling the United States without any set time schedule. They already had seen many U.S. national parks and were on their way to seeing more. All Americans should be so lucky.

Late afternoon found Tuolumne Meadows hit with a heavy thunderstorm. Once more, my REI Kingdom 4 met the challenge, making me a happy camper.

Not wishing to remain in our now very wet campground, four of us accepted our youngest volunteer’s (Cassie) invitation to ride with her to Lee Vining for dinner at the Mobil. I had already eaten, but looked forward to their company. We discussed a variety of topics. I mentioned my recent exploratory visit to Tioga Pass Resort (TPR). Our team leader, Woodlee, had mentioned his upcoming birthday and his wish for a pie from the resort, which has an on-site baker. Upon my inquiry to the cashier, she said the pie sells for $7.25 per slice. She had to check with the baker about the price of a whole pie. After making the inquiry, she informed me that each pie is cut into eight slices. TPR would give a one-slice discount, selling an entire pie for a bargain price of $50.75 plus tax, for a total of over $56.00! It looks like Woodlee will be disappointed.

Our return trip to our campground allowed a glimpse of a full moon, lighting up much of our surroundings. We remained quietly respectful of the magnificent scene, mountains and meadows bathed in the moonlight, leading us back to our summer home.

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