This and several upcoming blog posts are about my recent month long visit to California and experiences in Yosemite National Park, where I served as a park volunteer.

Sunday, June 28

Half Dome from Glacier Point

Half Dome from Glacier Point

This was the first of three days off (in a 3 days on, 3 days off schedule). I headed to Glacier Point after dropping off a fellow volunteer at Olmsted Point. Storm clouds dominated the sky, with showers in the forecast. Early morning temperatures hit 50 degrees, unseasonably mild.

After a two-hour drive, I hit Glacier Point Road around 11am. I stopped at a meadow blanketed with wildflowers and took lots of pictures. I proceeded to Washburn Point, which overlooks Half Dome, Vernal Fall, and Nevada Fall. Both falls are flowing at probably half the normal flow rate for this time of year, which means hikers on the Mist Trail will actually walk through a genuine mist rather than heavy showers. The clouds grew darker as I took more photos.

iPhone pictures 138

Columbine in meadow on Glacier Point Road

I drove to Glacier Point. Rush hour at noon. I had no luck finding a parking spot. After leaving the parking lot I parked at a pullover to get a Half Dome “road hazard” shot – the granite monolith fills the windshield past a road that drops off into oblivion.

Having no luck at Glacier Point, I drove west down Glacier Point Road to the Sentinel Dome trail. I took more wildflower photos as well as shots of Yosemite Falls – fast drying up, but an afternoon shower delays that unhappy event. The rain became heavy ten minutes before I reached my car, but I had dressed for it – a light parka and nylon shorts. Time to make the 2+ hour drive to Tuolumne Meadows.

I reached the Dog Lake parking lot at 3:45. It’s one of few spots with reliable cell phone reception. I called my brother Bob to catch up on recent news. I made it back to my campsite at 4:30 just in time to join four fellow volunteers for a drive to our favorite eating spot, the Mobil station in Lee Vining. Cassie drove. Her parents and sister met us at the Mobil when we arrived. All of us shared an outdoor table. We continued eating through a brief shower. Neither food nor diners were the worse for wear.

Sunset photo from Lembert Dome

Sunset photo from Lembert Dome

On the return drive to Tuolumne Meadows, one volunteer suggested stopping at Lembert Dome for sunset photos. The cloud formations and setting sun made for spectacular photos. This proved to be the highlight of a very good day. The showers have knocked down some of the pine pollen and lowered the temperatures. I expect a cooler night, more seasonable, with lows in the 30’s. Time to bundle up!

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